Tranter - Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Common Unit Types
    GC-012, GC-016, GC-026 GX-026, GX-042, GX-051
    GC-028, GC-030, GC-051 GX-060, GX-064, GX-085
    GC-054, GC-060, GF-057 GX-091, GX-100, GX-118
    GF-097, GF-187 GX-140, GX-145, GX-180
    GL-013 GX-205, GX-265
    GX-007, GX-012 GX-325
    GX-018, GX-026  
    Heat Exchanger Gaskets
    Gasket Types: Clip and Glued
    Gasket Materials: NBR, NBRP, NBR HT


    Heat Transfer Plates
    Chevron Pattern: High & Low Theta
    Plate Material: 304 S/S
      316 S/S
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 Spare Parts

  • Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets including Food Grade (FDA or 3A)
  • Plate Heat Transfer Plates including Double Wall Safety Plates
  • Frame Liners & Port Rings
  • Frame Parts, Tie Bolts & Carrier Bars
  • Thermal Insulation Jackets


  • On Site: Complete Heat Exchanger service
  • Off Site: Clean, test and re-gasket of plate packs
  • Off Site: Full service, including pressure test and certificates
  • Rotating Plate Packs - A cost saving service solution
  • Site surveys of plate heat equipment

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