Service Contracts

The performance of heat exchange equipment will steadily reduce from the first time it’s used. To maintain your water temperature, you will have to adjust flow rates and boiler or chiller temperatures. This in turn will increase time, effort and more importantly, costs.

With a Heat Exchanger Spares.Com service contract you can be safe in the knowledge that your essential heat exchange equipment will be fully functional. Regular inspections enable us to identify any reduction in performance or mechanical problems early, reducing their impact and likelihood of a breakdown occurring.

  • Service Contracts

    Equipment Covered
    • Plate Heat Exchangers - Hygienic
    • Plate Heat Exchangers - Industrial
    • Hot Water Sets
    • Aquasave
    • Aquasave BIO
    • Aquamodule / Cetemodule
    Reduced Risk

    During the annual contract period, you will receive a minimum of two visits. These can be either scheduled or used as an emergency visit. You will also benefit from discount on spare parts.

    After each visit you receive a detailed service report on the condition of the equipment. This allows us to accurately tailor the maintenance programme to your requirements.

Early Problem Identification Reduces or Eliminates the Impact
Competitive Prices

We have access to a global supply chain which enables us to identify your heat exchangers and source competitive parts, while still maintaining the highest quality

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