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The various sections of the museum have been updated over many years, by different contractors. This resulted in many different types of heat exchangers installed on site.

World Renowned Museum
Project Timescale:
3 Months
The brief:

It was a time-consuming process for the Works Department to identify each heat exchanger and then contact the correct supplier, for a service quotation. The client wanted a single point of contact for both technical and non-technical members of staff.

The solution

We carried out an extensive site survey, detailing every manufacturer, model type, serial number and location. We then generated a schedule of work that allowed us to service all the heat exchangers over 3 months. This had the additional benefit of all the heat exchangers having a known service date.

For future heat exchanger servicing, any member of the Works Department can now arrange these by just supplying us with on-site location of the heat exchanger.




On Site Servicing

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