Rotating plate packs – Keeping production running

Finding the most cost-effective solution, without compromising production.

Edible Oil Producer
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The brief:

The plate heat exchangers gradually fouling during the production process, which affects production efficiency and time.

The solution

Traditional methods of heat exchanger servicing involve either off-site cleaning and re-gasketing or completely new plate packs. Both have their advantages. Off-site cleaning is cost-effective but equipment downtime is long and new plate packs can be expensive but have significantly shorter downtimes. The best solution was to initially purchase a new plate pack for the production plate heat exchangers and when performance drops, these new packs could be installed. The dirty packs were then serviced off-site without time constraints and returned to the customer. We call these “rotating plate packs”. The customer now has plate packs that can be installed by our engineers during a normal service schedule or by their engineers during an emergency breakdown.



On Site Servicing Rotating Plate Packs

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